Friday, August 26, 2011

Blog Assignment 1

About Me

Hello! My name is Lana and I'm from Baltimore, Maryland. I just turned 26 on August 17. After graduating high school I spent four years attending community college and then three years working full time. Right around my second year of working full time I decided I need to go back to school. I came to USA beginning Fall 2010. I originally came for the Meteorology program, but after a year of classes I realized my heart wasn't in it. I thought about my other interests and I've always wanted to teach. I love to help people and I think teaching would be a very rewarding experience for me. I'm entering the field of health education with hopes that I can influence young adults to make informed decisions among all of the pressures in society today.

Now, when I left Baltimore, I left all of my family and friends behind. It was my first time being on my own, too. That was both exciting and scary to think about. I experienced some "culture shock" when I first got to Mobile. And I'm not going to lie, it was rough adjusting to life on my own. I was tempted to call it quits a few times and just go back home, but then I'd remind myself I'd never grow up if I did and so I stuck it out. I eventually made a few good friends, met my wonderful boyfriend, got a job on campus, and things got easier.

In Baltimore, I spent a lot of my free time with family. It could be doing something as simple as visiting my grandparents for a few hours after work or something as grueling as mixing and laying concrete for the new walkway alongside my dad in the blistering sun. Whatever it was, I loved it! Family is so important to me and I miss everyone immensely. Not to mention missing all of my crazy friends. Other than that, I love to go to the beach (and it's so much more convenient to get to a beach from Mobile than it is from Baltimore...yay!). I also enjoy reading. And oh how I love to bake! I think cheesecake is my favorite. :) As for something that's a little more random...during the summers of 2009 and 2010 I've taken flying trapeze lessons. It's such an amazing experience. If you ever have the opportunity, and aren't afraid of heights, I highly recommend it!

Dr. Pausch on Time Management

Dr. Pausch mentioned the importance of to do lists, and I cannot imagine my life without them. I have a lot to juggle in my life and the only way I can stay sane is to plan what I'm doing each day, each week, etc. Otherwise, things that may be really important may get overlooked. And there's a lot of truth in doing the "ugliest" thing first. It makes everything else on your list look like a piece of cake.

I get so much satisfaction at the end of the day when everything is complete; however, I'm learning that I can't get too discouraged if something was not done. Life happens. It can change the plan. I need to be flexible enough to realize that's okay. After all, there's always another to do list to be made.


  1. Hi, Lana, I am a student in Dr. Strange's EDM 310 Tuesday and Thursday class. I just finished reading your blog. I have to start by commending you on moving to a new state without any family or friends. I don't believe I could do that. I am glad that you are adjusting better to Mobile now and have begun to establish yourself here. I hope that you have a great semester. Good Luck to you, Rebekah Burleson

  2. Hi, Lana!

    Everytime I meet someone from Baltimore, Maryland, I think of the musical Hairspray. "Gooooood morning, Baltimooooore!"

    I must agree with the above comment and say that you must be a very strong woman to make such a big move all by yourself. That speaks volumes on your character. You must be very driven to succeed!

    But welcome to EDM310! You seem like a very creative person, and I'm definitely looking forward to seeing what you come up with this semester! Good luck!


  3. Hey Lana,

    I would like to start off by thanking you for your wonderful comment! It made my day. I also place a huge importance on family. I've actually layed concrete with my mom and dad, along with other crazy chores, so I know what it's like to do anything and everything with family.

    You sound like an extremely strong and devoted person and I believe you will do well inspiring the youth that will walk through your classroom door.

    Mary Bishop