Thursday, November 3, 2011

C4K Summary - October

Holland reads Superfudge

Holland is a student in Mrs. Dahl's second grade class. He wrote a blog on a book he was reading called Superfudge by Judy Blume. He was in the middle of reading the book and predicted that it would just get more interesting. Holland found the book to be funny so far, too. I told him that I never read Superfudge before. I left my comment a few days after his post, so I asked if he happened to finish the story yet, and if the story got more interesting like he predicted. Holland has not responded yet.

Kids With a View - Room 3

surf boards on the beach
In this class, I was assigned to Jack. What stood out to me was Jack's avatar. I was curious if he liked surfing since his avatar was on the beach with two surf boards in the background. I told him a good place to go surfing here in the United States would probably be in California. However, the waves are nowhere near as nice as the waves where he lives. I found it a little confusing to navigate through Room 3's site though. I was hoping to view everyone's comments to the kids, but I couldn't figure out how. Is it even supposed to be viewable?

Brynne Michelle

I was assigned to comment on Brynne's blog, which at the time concerned fingernails and what they're made of. She knew they were made of a protein, and in my comment I specified that that protein is known as Keratin. I also confirmed that she was right in that Keratin is the same protein found in cow's hooves and horns.

I also read her "All about me" post, so I went further to say I noticed she plays the trumpet. I told her I played the trumpet as well for four years and that I loved being part of a band. I truly wish I never stopped playing because making music is a lot of fun. I told her that I'm trying to pick up the piano right now. She also mentioned she has a drum set and would like to learn how to play. I hope she figures out how to play the drums very soon.

Peyton's Procedures

Peyton was chosen at random by the Fruit Machine. In his blog, he defined what "procedures" were. He also mentioned his group in science class created an experiment listing all of the procedures involved. His experiment included Pull-Ups, diapers, water bottles, and buckets. The experiment tested whether the Pull-Ups or diapers held the most water. I thought the procedures he listed were great. I asked if he already conducted the experiment, and if so, what the results were. He said they did, and the result was the diaper held more water.

Dr. Decimal: Removing Decimals from the Divisor

In Mr. Avery's math class, his students have been learning all about decimals. They’ve learned how to add and subtract with decimals, multiply decimals, and divide decimals. The main concern of this blog was how to solve problems that had decimals in the divisor. Thanks to the talents of Dr. Decimal and Nurse Negative, solving these problems was made a lot easier. Check out their public service announcement that shows us how to deal with such decimals.

I honestly forgot what to do if there was a decimal in the divisor. It's been quite a while since I tackled a division problem like that by hand. Before the video, I probably would have just reached for a calculator and have it solve the problem for me. Now I know it's as simple as moving the decimals over, and I should be able to solve it on my own!

The Maple Leaf of Canada

Canadian flag
In this short video, one of the students, Faith, spoke of the maple leaf. She said it is found on the Canadian flag. She also mentioned syrup is made from the maple tree, and the syrup is typically eaten with pancakes. It was kind of ironic that I happened to have this blog. Canada is our very own "neighbor," and the same day I read the blog, I fixed pancakes with syrup for breakfast! I thought Faith did a good job with her description, and she spoke very clearly so that I could understand every word.

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