Thursday, October 6, 2011

PLN Progress Report 1

screenshot of my first Symbaloo webmix

I chose to use Symbaloo for my PLN and it's slowly coming along. I like how you can create a number of different webmixes. That appeals to me because I like to organize things by categories, or its relevancy to each other. I could have a "social networking" mix, a "travel" mix, a "music" mix, and so on. I'm still in the process of customizing it all. I added the "EDU Tools" webmix as well. I haven't explored each tile in that mix just yet. There appears to be a lot of useful tools on this grid though.

1 comment:

  1. Lana, your PLN looks great so far. You did a good job expressing the things you like in your PLN such as webmixes. You gave a detailed description of why you feel the way you do towards a certain topic. This allowed me to not only form a personal opinion but it also gave me more direction and understanding of what webmix is. I also feel that this is a fantastic organizing tool! I am also new to learning how to operate my PLN and I am enjoying exploring and learning new things! Thank you for sharing yours!