Saturday, October 1, 2011

C4K Summary - September

Meghan's History

For my first C4K, I was assigned to Meghan and I commented on her "History" post. Her class had an assignment similar to our Timetoast project. She had to choose 10 significant events that affected her life so far and then create a timeline. That inspired me to write my own list of significant events. Some of the things on my list made me happy, and other things not so much. I shared that thought with Meghan, but I told her it's good to reflect on all of these things because what happens in our past makes us who we are today.

She also brought in a few objects to represent each event and made a little museum. I noticed a basketball and softball. I told her we have softball in common and that it's my favorite sport to play, but I'm not so good at basketball. She also had a medal and trophy for basketball, so I commended her on that.

Vietnam War protester
At the end of her blog, she mentioned her class had to decide what was important to learn about in American History. They could decide what was important by what has changed our lives today. Meghan said she would like to learn about the wars. I asked her if there was a specific war she'd like to learn about more than others. She replied with the Vietnam War. I told her that is definitely worth learning about. Not only was it the longest war in American history, but it was also a very unpopular war. It affected our culture in many ways, so I hope she learns as much as she can about it.

I asked Meghan a few more questions about basketball season and if she will play, how her school year is going, and if there is a subject that really interests her right now. So I hope we keep in contact.

Cruz @ PT England School

Cruz is part of Room 19 in Mr. Harris' class, and they had to research different Auckland town centres that have adopted rugby teams. Cruz found out information for a place called Mangere Bridge. It is a very friendly area, and a great way to "acclimatize to New Zealand culture."

I noticed Cruz's favorite sport is rugby, but I really had no idea what it was about. So I did a little research and looked up a few rugby videos on YouTube. I told him it seems like a very intense sport. It appears to be a cross between soccer and American football. I also asked him how long he has been playing the sport. I'm awaiting his response.

Interview Book Report on Satchel Paige

Elise, Cade, and Danielle did a wonderful job conducting and recording their interview. I was very impressed because they did not have any time to rehearse. I would have been a nervous wreck in front of the camera, especially without practicing beforehand. It was cool to see them using the iPad, too. I hope they continue use the iPad and other similar tools to help enhance their learning experience.

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